Logos & branding

Logo and branding concepts

Restaurant branding
Logo, menu, and packaging design for a fictional restaurant.
The cafe concept was based on what it would be like if a bear opened up a coffee shop in a city.
Keywords: rustic, hand-crafted, modern
Self-initiated logo and business card design
Logo design and business card for a fictional creative business.
The dog image was chosen because it is associated with work ethic, playfulness, and trustworthiness.
Keywords: inventive, hard-working, loyalty
Self-initiated logo and shopping bag design for a fictional surf clothing company
My design brief was to craft a versatile logo that could be used across branding platforms.
Keywords: upscale, high-fashion, laid back, surfer chic
Brush-lettered website header & logo for a film maker's website & personal brand
The design brief was to create a modern logo that was handmade & relaxed, yet professional.
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